BTS’s Jimin Left “Dumbfounded” By His Birthday Gift From Jin

It’s so *him*.

On October 13 (KST), BTS’s Jimin hosted a live broadcast on Weverse to celebrate his birthday with ARMYs.

Jimin of BTS | @j.m/Instagram

The broadcast was pretty eventful, as apart from the general celebrations, quite a few of the BTS members had special appearances on it in one way or another.

Jimin mentioned that he was with Suga the previous day, and the two had a cake made out of hotteok to celebrate his birthday.

He also mentioned V while showing fans a picture of himself edited as an elf, saying that V found it somewhere and shared it with him.

Soon after, RM joined the broadcast, barging into the room to wish Jimin a happy birthday. He stayed only briefly.

But the one member whose mention got fans the most emotional was Jin. Jimin mentioned that he had recently met Jin and even received a precious birthday gift from him!

Jimin with Jin | @jin/Instagram

When it comes to giving each other birthday gifts, lately, the BTS members seem to go for eccentric choices. A few years ago, J-Hope received a gold-plated toilet brush from Jin and returned the favor by gifting Jin a very fancy chair, which Jin couldn’t even figure out how to use.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

But for Jimin’s gift this year, Jin chose a simpler route. During the broadcast, Jimin wore a cute mushroom-shaped keyring pouch on his jeans and showed it off to fans, revealing that it was a gift from his hyung. It turns out Jin even put some pocket money in the pouch for him!

While Jimin couldn’t be more grateful for this present, it also left him in disbelief that Jin offered him cash as a birthday present, that too worth two months of his salary!

After the broadcast, some fans dug deeper and discovered that a soldier working in the same post as Jin is expected to earn around ₩800,000 KRW (about $594 USD) a month. So, it looks like Jimin received quite a decent allowance from his older member.

The pouch is a merch based on the orange mushroom character from Maplestory, a game that Jin is known to be very fond of.


The item is quite popular in Korea and seems to be sold out in online stores!