BTS’s Jimin Emulates Supermodel-Like Posing Skills For W Korea Photoshoot

He’s a natural at this.

Among the many reasons why BTS‘s Jimin can easily enamor people, one is the grace and elegance with which he carries himself both on stage and in real life. His background as a contemporary dancer has been a big contributor to that quality.

While ARMYs are no strangers to witnessing Jimin’s ethereal movements on stage or in music videos,

his gracefulness during W Korea’s recent photoshoot took them aback.

Jimin recently graced the cover of W Korea Volume 2 2023 magazine, which came in six different editions. The feature showed off Jimin’s unique charms, catching his playfulness and sensuality through the pictorials.

The official channel of W Korea recently dropped a behind-the-scenes video of Jimin’s photoshoot. His technique of posing in front of the camera was fascinating. He switched between different poses with so much grace and smoothness that it almost looked like a choreographed dance routine.

This technique might be very easy on the eyes, but in reality, only a handful of supermodels use it during shoots. One of the names that most fans thought of was Coco Rocha. Her signature style of dynamic posing is an iconic phenomenon in the fashion industry and it is evidently influenced by her dance background.

Another name that many thought of was Zendaya, whose Vogue Italia photoshoot went viral because of a similar posing technique she was seen using in the behind-the-scenes video. Zendaya too, has a dance background, which enables her to use fluid movements like a pro.

In fashion photoshoots, supermodels use this dance-like posing technique to make the photos come alive, and ensure that there is no stiffness in the end results. And from the photos in W Korea, it looks like Jimin had no problem emulating the same style in front of the camera seamlessly!

| @j.m/Instagram

Seriously, is there something this man can’t do?


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