“Be Fair To Jimin” Trends Following BTS’s “PROOF” Tracklist Release

ARMYs feel that Jimin is not being treated the same as the other members.

ARMY is calling for better treatment for BTS‘s Jimin following the final tracklist release for the upcoming anthology album PROOF.

BTS’s Jimin

Today, BIGHIT MUSIC released the third and final tracklist for BTS’s anthology album PROOF. It mainly consists of members’ demo versions of hit songs.

ARMYs were initially excited as we often dream of hearing the original versions of the songs we now know and love.

Everyone is especially excited about Agust D (Suga)’s “Tony Montana,” featuring Jimin. The song originally featured Yankie and was released on August 16, 2016, as part of Agust D’s mixtape. He famously performed it with Jimin at BTS 3rd Muster, and ARMYs have hoped for an official release ever since.

So, it’s like an answer to prayers!

Yet, it will just be available on CD3 and through CD only. So, no online streaming will be available.

Yet, that’s not the only disappointment.

Upon closer inspection, ARMYs noticed that Jimin was technically the only member not to have a solo song included in the PROOF CD3 tracklist. Five members have demo versions of songs, and Jungkook has an acapella version of his solo “Still With You.”


It appears that Jimin’s represented through “Tony Montana.” Yet, that is a song by Agust D. So, while Suga has “Seesaw,” technically, “Tony Montana” is his too.


Not only that, but Jimin is not even credited for writing his part, at least on the tracklist posted. Instead, only Agust D, Pdogg, and Supreme Boi are credited writers and producers.

Naturally, ARMYs are confused and disappointed. Many are upset on behalf of Jimin as they feel that HYBE is allegedly not treating the seven members equally.

Jimin is not only a talented singer and dancer. He also is skilled with it comes to producing his own music.

Jimin released his first self-composed song, “Promise,” in 2018. Yet, it was not included. And we know there are likely many more songs he has yet to share with us.

ARMYs are concerned about the treatment of Jimin within the company after noticing that he appears completely disregarded.

So, they are trending “BeFairToJimin” and “FreeJiminFromHybe” on Twitter.

Many feel that trending hashtags never get them anywhere and that no progress is made.

Still, most ARMYs think it is better to make some effort rather than sit back and do nothing when a member is allegedly not receiving respect or fair treatment.

At the time of writing, “#BeFairToJimin” and “#FreeJiminFromHybe” have 25.6K and 9,729 tweets, respectively.

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