BTS’s Jimin Finally Picks His Favorite Nickname

His choice might surprise you!

BTS‘s Jimin has gone by many nicknames. Tony Jones called him ChimChim, which caught on as Jimin also once called himself Christian Chim Chim when he had to choose an English name. ARMYs have called him cute nicknames like Mochi, Dooly, and Little Prince.

Jimin recently returned to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which he has guested on many times before with BTS. This time, he went for his late-night show debut in the United States to promote his solo album FACE.

Jimin not only performed his new song “Like Crazy” but also talked about BTS’s White House visit and when he realized his passion for performing.

Host Jimmy Fallon told Jimin some of the popular nicknames he’s been called over the years. Some surprised even Jimin. Still, Jimmy asked which one was his favorite.

Jimin, you have a lot of nicknames, by the way. Mochi? ChimChim. Little Prince… Dooly?

— Jimmy Fallon


If you thought he was going to choose ChimChim, you were wrong! He surprisingly answered, “Jimin Fallon.” Jimmy was shocked but complimented.

My favorite nickname is Jimin Fallon.

— Jimin


When he and Jimmy first met, they connected over the similarities of their names.

During another visit to the show, Jimin teased he’d like to host a talk show. Suga suggested he could be “Jimin Fallon.”

Jimin has spoken! He chose Suga’s suggestion as his favorite.

Watch the full clip below.

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