BTS Jimin In A Full Purple Suit Is The Only Worthy Opponent Of Jimin In A Full Burgundy Suit

It’s a sexy versus sexy battle:

After knocking out ARMY with his super sexy performance of “Filter” during the first day of BTS‘s long-awaited MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E online concert, Jimin didn’t give anyone any time to recover before coming back for day two with even more fiery passion.

| @Kitty_kate7/Twitter

With his red-hot performance on day one, Jimin launched a full-scale attack on hearts everywhere.

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He not only blew everyone — including Nicky Andersen, the choreographer behind the song’s dance — away, but he also caused pure devastation changing from white to black and finally to burgundy throughout the performance.


Although everyone thought they were a little more prepared after day one, that thought ended up being complete and utter a lie as Jimin served up another sizzling hot performance proving that the only worthy opponent to challenge Jimin is none other than Jimin himself!


Taking the sexy versus sexy battle seriously, Jimin came back swinging hard with a completely different look.

Changing from black to deep purple this time around, Jimin once again caused some serious devastation. I mean, just look at him!

The effects of the two days of attacks have been leaving their mark and absolutely nobody has been able to recover yet.

After all, what could be more devastating to hearts than two passionate performances from Jimin!

Now, it’s an absolute must to watch the full “Filter” performance from day one and two, so make sure you do below.

Source: The Qoo