BTS’s Jimin Finally Comes Home As He Posts To Instagram After Two Weeks Of Silence And ARMYs Couldn’t Be Happier

Jimin could post a photo of a wall and we’d be like 😍

BTS has had a crazy two weeks since they opened up their own personal Instagram accounts. V has broken several records as he gained 1 million followers on his Instagram in just 43 minutes of opening his account, and then 10 million followers after 4 hours and 52 minutes. He now boasts the highest follower account among the members with 27.2 million followers.

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RM has been busy showing ARMYs the different museums he visited in the states, J-Hope has been curating his feed with polaroid images, and the other members are getting a feel for the platform as well.

One member though has been fairly silent on the image sharing platform: Jimin!

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He’s been going on Weverse to talk to ARMYs, and we think he was trying to get more comfortable with Instagram to start posting more photos. Well the day has finally come as the “Filter” singer posted not once, but twice to his Instagram!

Of course fellow member J-Hope had to show his support as he commented under the photo.

J-Hope: JJaman, you have to post the pics you sent us 🔥😂

Jimin: I’m going to take my time posting 😊

The beautiful beach backdrop was definitely a sight to see, and Jimin probably thought so too as he posted a short video clip of the beach a couple hours later.

Saying that ARMYs were excited is probably an understatement as they had “JIMIN CAME HOME” trending worldwide within the hour.

We can’t wait to see what else Jimin posts in the future! Make sure to check out what BTS has been up to below.

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