BTS’s Jimin Is Having Some Trouble Getting Used To Instagram So He Went On Weverse Instead

We’re sure Jimin will get the hang of Instagram in no time!

It was a busy day for BTS yesterday as all seven members opened up their own personal Instagram accounts. ARMYs excitedly watched as the members navigated through the social media platform, commenting on each others’ posts to try and figure out how to work the image and video sharing platform.

ARMYs found that the hyung line (Jin, Suga, RM, and J-Hope) used their Instagram accounts in a specific way, while the maknae line (Jimin, V, and Jungkook) had their own way of using the platform as well.

It looked like while the older members were trying to figure out how to use the platform, the younger members (V we’re looking at you) were already posting some thirst traps and trolling each other in the comments.

| @thv/Instagram

While ARMY sleuths found that Jungkook’s account seems to have been created back in 2016, the other members’ profiles are indeed new accounts.

As the members learn their way around Instagram, ARMYs are getting a firsthand look at their process. Jungkook deleted his MBTI post to share on his Instagram story, because people told him that it wasn’t the type of thing to post on his feed. V accidentally followed BLACKPINK‘s Jennie from the “suggested follow” feature on Instagram. Jin can’t seem to figure out what the heart on Instagram does. There’s a lot going on, and in just a day!

This morning Jimin posted to Weverse (the app we’ve all come to know and love) to spend some time with ARMY and to share about his own process of getting used to Instagram.

Jimin: I’m heree

Jimin: You’re right, Insta is hard. That’s the truth. What you guys are thinking is correct.

Jimin: I would be better if I had used social media more before.

Jimin: I’m eating right now!

Jimin: Make sure to eat dinner too everyone hehe

Jimin: @GoldenMaknaeJeonJungkook that’s true kekekekeke the time right now kekeke

Jimin: All I did today was lay down all day.

Jimin: I’m done eating and the dishes are done

Jimin’s cute updates on his day really showed that he genuinely enjoys talking to ARMYs! Now if he could just figure out how to do that on Instagram…😂

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