BTS’s Jimin Gets Sabotaged By His “Archnemesis” On Weverse Live, But It’s Not What You Think

They have a history.

BTS’s Jimin unexpectedly went live on Weverse on April 4, at around 3:30 am KST, to convey his gratitude to fans after landing the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. But during the livestream, the singer accidentally revealed more than he probably intended.

Jimin’s latest broadcast was even more special because it was the first time he ever went live from his home and not the HYBE building. He is known to be a very reserved person, so even the slightest glimpse of his life behind the camera is a privilege to witness for ARMYs.

Though Jimin broke his streak of not doing livestreams from his home, fans didn’t get to see much of the place since the frame only caught his face and the white walls behind. This quickly became a point of joke on Twitter, as people sarcastically noted that now it’s confirmed that Jimin’s house has walls and curtains.

Despite being so careful not to show too much of his personal place, Jimin however unintentionally revealed his archnemesis on camera when his phone fumbled out of frame for a moment. And get this, the archnemesis in question is not a mortal being. It’s actually…a chair.

The beef between Jimin and any form of seats is lore known wide and far. But in case anyone’s memory needs some jogging, here are a few of the moments when the king of K-Pop was left defeated by a mere chair.

During the livestream, while Jimin was talking to ARMYs, his hand accidentally knocked his phone a little, and the frame shifted to the left, revealing a second gaming chair beside the one he was sitting on. Jimin looked panicked for a moment but quickly turned his phone back into position. But that small clip already got some fans intrigued about why he had two of them in the room.

Chairs have had their way of making Jimin trip out of nowhere on camera for years now. But this is a new kind of sabotage altogether, where the singer ended up showing fans more of his room than he had planned. ARMYs are, however, careful not to blow this out of proportion and have treated it mainly as a punchline about how secretive the singer is about his private life.


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