How BTS’s Jimin Remains Down-To-Earth

Even at the top, Jimin remains humble as ever!

Despite being not only the biggest K-Pop group but the biggest band worldwide period, BTS are as humble as ever!


ARMYs know that BTS started with nothing and have literally worked their way up to the top from the bottom.


Still, those who have known them then and now can say that they have always been humble and down-to-earth and remain this way.

Now, Jimin has revealed how personally he stays grounded in an exclusive interview with Vogue Korea.


Jimin was recently announced to be the new brand ambassador for luxury jewelry company Tiffany & Co. Surprisingly, he shared that such partnerships and opportunities actually are what keep him “grounded” as they are “new challenges.”

I feel truly honored to join Tiffany & Co. as its new brand ambassador. I’m always excited by new encounters and challenges. They’re what keep me grounded, giving me a sense of responsibility. I look forward to building a mutually positive partnership with the brand in the coming days. Most of the time, I prefer going with simple outfits and styles, and the ‘Tiffany T’ Collection I got to wear for the latest photo shoot with Vogue Korea caught my eye. I really like how cool and chic they look.

— Jimin

Jimin also shared advice he gives himself. He acknowledges how fortunate he is as he has a great support group, including BTS, staff, and ARMYs, who he considers friends.

I try to always be conscious of the fact that I’m truly lucky and happy because I’m surrounded by people who help me shine, including the other members of BTS, the group’s staff and crew, and my fans. The more I tell myself this, the more encouraged I feel. I get an incredible amount of energy from the combination of the sense of responsibility I have as a BTS member, the happiness I get from spending time with my groupmates and the gratitude I feel toward my rock-solid fans.

— Jimin

Similarly, Jimin revealed that he wrote his solo song “Promise” because he never wants to forget these people who continually “love and support” him. Jimin is constantly showing his appreciation to those in his life.

I wrote this song back in 2018 as a promise to myself that I’ll never forget the countless people who love and support me in every way they can. As there’s been quite some demand from fans who still remember and like the song, I decided to officially release it as a single before putting out my solo album. I hope more and more people will listen to it.

— Jimin

Later in the interview, he shared again his gratitude for his friends. Jimin explained that they don’t only celebrate and share their biggest achievements but “ordinary, everyday moments.”

I’m grateful to my friends because we share ordinary, everyday moments — not just momentous occasions. I don’t need anything else when I’m in their company. I’m happiest and most comfortable when I’m eating with them, having silly conversations and laughing.

— Jimin

Jimin also realized that perfection shouldn’t be the goal. While some believe he is “talented at everything,” and we can all agree he is incredibly multitalented, he no longer wants to pressure himself to be perfect. He has a healthy limit for himself now.

As a pop artist, I want to excel at both dancing and singing. I also want to perform a diverse range of musical genres and themes instead of sticking to just one type. Of course, I’ve learned over the years that it’s neither healthy nor productive to push myself to be perfect in everything. I want to show my fans only the best, but I also have to take a healthy, sustainable approach.

— Jimin

In everything you do, patience is the key. Jimin gave very good advice, encouraging one to “go slow and steady.”

I believe in order to last longer and go further, whether in running or in your career, you need to be patient. You’ll reap rewards for making it through the tough times. Some hardships have made me a much stronger person, while others have taught me to be much more flexible. I try to keep my own pace as I navigate all these experiences.

— Jimin

We can all follow Jimin’s advice!

Source: Vogue Korea

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