BTS’s Jimin Voted As The Celebrity People Want To Give Valentine’s Day Chocolates To The Most

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As Valentine’s Day has officially taken over the world, romance is in the air again as 46,028 Koreans were surveyed about which celebrity they wished to gift Valentine’s Day chocolates to the most! Out of all the celebrities in the world, BTS‘s Jimin won by a landslide by bringing in 23,824 votes (51.8%)!

When asked why they chose Jimin, the majority of the answers agreed that it was his adorable charm and loving personality.

The survey explained, “Jimin was chosen for his cute image that he creates with his bright and warm smile, as well as his caring and loving personality that have stolen women’s hearts!

Jimin is well known for his puppy-smiles and his instinctive personality to care for those around him and shower them with love – especially his members! It’s no surprise that he was chosen as the most beloved idol for the Valentine’s Day season!

But Jimin isn’t the only idol getting showered with love! Kang Daniel came in second on the survey with 17,738 votes for a total of 38.5%!

Lee Seung Gi ranked 3rd with 2,661 votes (5.8%).

And Park Bo Gum ranked 4th with 1,715 votes (3.7%)!

It appears this Valentine’s Day season will be a busy one for the four handsome heartthrobs! Who would you give chocolates to this Valentine’s season?

Source: Se Daily