Here’s Why BTS’s Jimin Is Too Shy To Look J-Hope In The Eye

They’re always chaotic! 🤣

BTS‘s iconic duo Jimin and J-Hope met up to do some dance challenges for TikTok.

As expected, the video shoot was full of endless laughter as they practiced…

…and even continued as they monitored themselves1

they did one of a kind cutesy gestures that only the two of them can pull off. However, even Jimin was too shy to do one particular move with J-Hope!

After finishing up the dance challenge for “on the street,” they soon moved on to the pair choreography for “Like Crazy.” However, while practicing the dance, Jimin couldn’t lift his head up.

It seems he was too shy to look J-Hope in the eye while doing the intimate dance!

We don’t blame him — The charms of his cute and energetic J-Hope hyung were just too strong!

Check out the full video below.