BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope Can’t Stop Wheezing Behind The Scenes With &TEAM

They’re so unserious. 😂

Recently, BTS‘s J-Hope and Jimin spent some time with the members of &TEAM to do some TikTok dance challenges.

Hearing laughter from outside, it had to be none other than this iconic duo!

Even during their introduction, Jimin and J-Hope were already enjoying themselves and cracking jokes.

J-Hope began by thanking the members for their time…

…and asked Jimin for his (hilarious) contribution!

J-Hope was up first who performed the “on the street” challenge with &TEAM.

He was full of nothing but praise for them!

After reviewing the footage, he was completely satisfied.

Next, it was Jimin’s turn to perform “Like Crazy.” However, while the members of &TEAM practiced, Jimin was caught doing the “on the street” dance in the background!

The group adorably followed him like ducklings as they marked where the performance would go.

Soon after, they began rehearsing…

…and Jimin offered his thoughtful feedback.

In the end, they took group photos with the members and even received their album.

Creating a fun and calm atmosphere for the boys, J-Hope and Jimin are always the kindest seniors!

I was nervous but they set the tone for us.

— Jo

Watch the full clip below.

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