BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope’s Recent Dreams Describe Their Different Personalities Flawlessly

J-Hope did Jimin dirty. 🤣

BTS shares everything about their day with ARMYs — including their dreams!

Recently, Jimin had his own stories to tell on Weverse about his most memorable dreams.

He described the seemingly mundane dream that stuck out to him for being so life-like.

I had a dream two days ago but it was so much like daily life, it was vivid

I was chatting in a room with friends but it was so much like my normal life I didn’t know if it was a dream lol

— Jimin

Jimin’s realistic dream could have been an everyday occurrence with his members…

…and when J-Hope came to reveal his own dream, he also had a life-like experience!

His hilarious response is something many fans might expect from him.

A dream torturing Jiminie 😇

— J-Hope

J-Hope loves messing with Jimin every chance he gets…

…and doing everything he can to annoy him!

However, it goes both ways — They love annoying each other almost as much as they love being friends with each other!

It’s possible J-Hope was plotting revenge in his dream for when Jimin scared him during In The SOOP!

At the end of the day, their friendship is too precious.

Whether they’re bickering or playing, they are a blast to watch!