BTS’s Jimin Accidentally Got Hurt While Playing Around With Jungkook

Their late-night adventure had a couple of mishaps.

You know what they say; it’s all fun and games until somebody breaks a mosquito net!

BTS‘s summer show In the SOOP gave the members a chance to relax and recuperate. Together they painted art, cooked meals, played games, and so much more.

As usual, things took a turn for the hilarious in Episode 7 when the unexpected happened. First, RM broke a door then Jimin broke…himself?

After a snuggly cuddle session with Jungkook

…Jimin started his sixth morning at the lake house with a noticeable limp. He shared the story behind his minor injury during an interview segment.

When filming ended the previous night, Jimin and Jungkook continued hanging out together after the rest of their friends went back inside. They drank, played ping pong, ran around…

…and Jimin accidentally broke Jungkook’s mosquito net. Oops!

After breaking it, Jimin ran away and fell down, hurting himself. (Oops again!)

Broken nets and bruises aside, it was a fun night and Jimin is all healed up now!

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