Jimin’s Birthday Message For Jungkook Is Making BTS Fans Laugh…And Cry

Jungkook’s “Jimin hyung” is the first BTS member to wish him Happy Birthday.

Nobody loves ARMY’s birthday boy quite like the hyungs who raised him!

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On September 1 (KST), BTS‘s youngest member Jungkook turned 23. Now, ARMYs around the world are celebrating his special day, and so are his members.

Jimin was the first hyung (older brother) to tweet a happy birthday message to Jungkook, and it’s making fans laugh and cry at the same time. He shared these silly photos…

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…with this sweet message. “Jeung Kook-ah 24-years-old, Happy Birthday to you. Hyung loves you.
#JIMIN #JungkookBdayCongrats.” “Jeung Kook” (증국) is Jungkook’s name written in the satoori region dialect.

Thanks to ARMY, “hyung” and “hyung loves you” quickly began trending worldwide. Fans are all kinds of emotional right now, but it’s totally understandable!

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