BTS’s Jungkook Made Jimin Laugh So Hard, He Broke His Chair…Again

Here’s what Jungkook said that made him laugh so hard!

In the midst of their “perilla leaf” debate, the BTS members quickly spiraled into madness!

Veering from the topic of the initial debate which questions whether or not it is appropriate for your significant other to help someone else by separating their perilla leaves, the members began thinking of other scenarios at the dinner table. From peeling shrimp to sharing soup, they discussed a wide variety of hilarious topics…

…and they all shared some strong opinions!

When it comes to sharing soup, Jungkook shared that he’s okay his significant other doing that with his friend…

…but was solid on his answer for peeling shrimp: Absolutely not!

Jimin found the maknae so hilarious, actually took a tumble out of his chair!

Losing a shoe and accidentally breaking the chair, only Jimin could manage to pull this off.

ARMY knows that Jimin doesn’t always have the best luck when it comes to chairs.

Better luck next time, Jimin!

Watch the full video below.