BTS Jungkook And Jimin’s Rainy Day Fight Is Straight Out Of A K-Drama

They brought up a fight that involved a phone call, a taxi, and lots of rain.

The “dumpling incident” has a sequel, and it’s called, “A Farewell Taxi”!

At midnight on June 13 (KST), BTS celebrated their seventh anniversary with a birthday party, as part of 2020 FESTA. In it, BTS re-enacted their first birthday party, talked about each other, and shared stories.

For the discussion segment, the staff prepared questions for BTS to answer. When the members were asked if they had ever felt disappointed in or sorry to the member sitting on their left side, Jungkook brought up a fight he had with Jimin.

Just the mention of it made Jimin burst out laughing! In Jungkook’s memory, the fight happened two to three years ago. In Jimin’s memory, it happened four to five years ago, but they both agree on the details.

After getting into an argument in the practice rooms, Jimin told Jungkook to do whatever he wanted, then left.

During his 20-minute walk back home, Jimin got a phone call from the Golden Maknae. Jungkook tearfully apologized, but Jimin wasn’t in the mood to hear it!

The other members cracked up, saying, “That’s like something a couple would do.” 

Like Jin said, this fight was straight out of a K-Drama! How many times have we watched this scene play out?

Jimin, still angry, offered to go get Jungkook, but there was a problem. Jungkook, who had left the studio by then, didn’t know where he was.

So, Jungkook jumped in a taxi, and Jimin waited out in the rain for him.

Cue the grand finale.

When Jungkook arrived, Jimin hugged him like there was no tomorrow! All was forgiven.

After hearing the story, compared it to the dumpling fight he had with Jimin. That fight inspired the songs “Friends” and “4 O’Clock”, so who knows? Maybe “A Farewell Taxi” will be BTS’s next big hit!

Watch the whole birthday party here: