8 Things You Might Have Missed In BTS’s FESTA Party Preview

They are bringing back details from their first ever birthday.

This year, BTS is re-enacting their first birthday party for FESTA 2020, but if you’re a new fan, you might have missed some of the throwback details. Here are 8 of them!

1. The jerseys

When BTS debuted, they wore these memorable jerseys with “BTS” printed on the front and their names printed on the back.

BTS’s new jerseys feature the current BTS logo that didn’t exist until years after their debut.

2. Jungkook’s spot-on imitation

While sucking helium, Jungkook appears to be imitating the emphatic, elderly man who was a hardcore ARMY back in the day. This “grandpa” knew all the members by name, and he was proud of it!

3. The balloons

Balloons are a must at all parties, but BTS’s silliness with helium is reminding ARMYs of when BTS entertained themselves with helium back in the rookie days…

…specifically, in this video.

BTS’s first FESTA party didn’t have helium balloons. Instead, the members blew them up themselves. VJ-Hope, and Jungkook were in charge of cleaning and decorating at their first birthday party, so chances are that they took on the same roles for BTS’s 2020 party.

4. The cooking crew

Jin and RM are an entertaining duo in the kitchen. In the preview, RM struggles to chop veggies under Jin’s supervision…

So, clearly, nothing has changed!

5. The cake

The cake in BTS’s FESTA preview has white icing, chocolate syrup, colorful letters, and a few decorations…

…just like their first FESTA cake.

6. The cake’s decorators

In 2014, Suga and Jimin were in charge of the cake, and they spent at least 50% of the process playfully pointing out each other’s mistakes.

The saga continues in 2020.

7. The party decor

BTS’s 2020 and 2014 birthday parties have similar decor and a similar setup, but it’s easy to see how far they have come just by looking at these two screenshots.

8. All the photos in the background

On the corkboard behind V are several photos from BTS’s past. If you look closely, you’ll see one from their first birthday party.