BTS’s V And Jimin Reveal How The “Dumpling Incident” Inspired “4 O’Clock”

They shared the hilarious true story behind this beautiful song.

Jimin and V‘s “War of the Dumpling” is legendary, but what does it have to do with “4 O’Clock”?

“4 O’Clock” is a duet composed by RM and V, released for BTS’s 2017 FESTA. This beautiful song has touched hearts with its gentle melody and soulful lyrics, but it has a funny story behind it.

In a new interview video, released for 2020 FESTA, Jimin and V talked about their “dumpling incident” once again, sharing new details.

After fighting about the dumplings, Jimin went out for a drink with Suga and ended up getting drunk.

When he met up with V at a park to talk things over, he was still drunk…

…and V captured it all on camera!

Usually, friends want to immortalize their happy memories, but V is holding on to the aftermath of their fight. At the time, the “dumpling incident” wasn’t funny, but it’s hilarious in retrospect.

Later on, V ended up writing “4 O’Clock” because that was the time he and Jimin met up at the park.

For years, fans have speculated that Jimin is the bird in V’s “4 O’Clock” verse, but now it all makes perfect sense.

At a dusky park
A nameless bird that sings
Where are you
Oh you
Why are you crying
You and I are the only ones here
Me and you
Oh you

— V, “4 O’Clock” (Genius English Translations)

Who knew that a fight about food could inspire not one, but two hit songs?

Watch the video here: