Jungkook And Jimin’s Tattoos Erased In BTS’s New “Butter” Photos

HYBE’s edits are puzzling some fans.

HYBE‘s latest Photoshop job has many ARMYs asking the same question: why?

Today, BTS released Version 3 of their “Butter” concept photos as part of the promotions for the song’s CD release. In these fun, summer photos, BTS washes cars while styled in denim outfits.


Although fans love the new photos, some are wondering why changes were made to Jimin and Jungkook‘s tattoos in some photos but not others. Although it’s common for idols to cover up their tattoos, and for agencies to edit tattoos out of photos, the “Butter” edits are noticeably inconsistent.

In this close-up, Jungkook’s hand tattoos are front and center…

Jungkook |@BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

…just like they were for the Version 1 “Butter” photos…


…and Version 2 photos.


In Jungkook’s other Version 3 photo, however, he is wearing a long sleeve shirt that conceals his arms tattoos and his hand tattoos have been erased.


Here’s a close up:


Jimin has a few tattoos on his arms, including the “FOREVER” and “13” ink seen here.

| @BTSupdate_7/Twitter

Jimin’s most well-known tattoo is “NEVERMIND,” inked on the right side of his ribcage.


Fans quickly noticed that “NEVERMIND” and Jimin’s arm tattoos have been edited out of all of the Version 3 photos…


…but some of Jungkook’s hand tattoos can be seen here.


Although HYBE has previously edited BTS’s tattoos out of promotional photos, including this one of Jungkook for Bon Voyage 4, the choice to erase some tattoos but not others is puzzling.

Check out the rest of the new concept photos here, and fans’ reactions below:

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