BTS Jimin And Jungkook’s Hometown Busan “Goes Purple” For BTS

The mayor of Busan has even sent a welcome message to BTS and fans!

Fans were previously excited that Busan City was considering “going purple” for BTS and now it has become a reality!

Busan City has been lighting up their landmarks in purple in celebration of BTS’s Busan fan meeting, which will be held at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium from June 15-16. The purple lights will be lit up every night from until June 16.


Busan City has been lighting up the major landmarks including Gwangandaegyo Bridge, Busan Cinema Center, the Busan Harbor Bridge, 2 transmission towers on Hwangnyeong Mountain, Hwamyeong Bridge and the Busan Tower in BTS’s symbolic purple along with welcome messages in some locations.


Moreover, the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency, Fire and Disaster Department and the company responsible for security have been discussing the agendas relating to the safety of the audience and the Busan Transportation Corporation is planning to increase the operations of the urban railway and dispatch safety guards for the safe return of the viewers.

Oh Keo Don, mayor of Busan, even uploaded a post on his social media account welcoming BTS and fans to Busan.

Translation: “Busan is already buzzing with excitement at the news of BTS’s performance. I assume ARMYs are probably waiting for the upcoming week with fluttering hearts. More than anything else, we will do our best to prevent any accidents. Welcome, everyone!”


Just last month, the Empire State Building lit up purple for the first five minutes of every hour after sundown in commemoration of iHeartRadio‘s BTS LIVE Q&A Event.


Following the gorgeous purple Empire State Building, fans are super excited for BTS to see the beautifully lit Busan in their symbolic color, purple!

Source: Spotv News