BTS’s Jimin And Kehlani Surprise Fans By Appearing In The Same Frame

We’re still waiting for that collab five years later…

BTS‘s Jimin and American singer-songwriter Kehlani shocked their fans by showing up in a photo together!

Kehlani | @kehlani/Instagram

BTS’s Jimin

Currently, Kehlani is on her 2022 Blue Water Road Trip World Tour. 

She is keeping fans well-fed with lots of updates too. So, after her recent concert in Vienna, Austria, she shared photos on Instagram.

An eagle-eyed ARMY noticed that Jimin was in one of the photos and shared it on Twitter in a now-viral tweet. Now, you’re probably wondering, “Did Jimin secretly fly to Vienna?”

Many ARMYs mistakingly thought that Jimin was really there and were looking amongst the crowd…

But the OP (original poster) pointed out that Jimin was there (in spirit) as Kehlani’s fan, right next to her in the shot, had a Jimin photocard in their phone case. It also appears that there might be a V photocard.

Naturally, some ARMYs were frustrated after spending a few minutes looking for Jimin only to find out it was not him in the flesh. So, OP defended herself, reminding them that she only said that “he was in the frame.”

We still have hope Jimin and Kehlani will one day really be in a photo together, though. Not only is she a K-Pop fan herself, but she and BTS have been talking on and off about collaborating for years, actually!

We’re waiting patiently…

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