BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” Choreography Is Rumored To Be So Sexy That People Had To Be Warned

He took it upon himself to talk it out with ARMYs🤣

On March 24, BTS member Jimin  released his first solo album, Face, along with a breathtaking music video for the title track, “Like Crazy.”

The sound and the visuals of “Like Crazy” has already cemented the song’s place in fans’ playlists, but many are looking forward to a Jimin performing the song live at Music Bank. After all, a live performance means choreography, and what better treat than to see him move on stage while serenading the audience with his beautiful voice?

Right? Wrong! According to the audience members who attended Jimin’s pre-recording for the show on March 24, people were fighting for their lives just because of the dance routine. In fact, Jimin already knew that ARMYs would be struggling for air and had the time of his life teasing them with disclaimers.

Before starting the performance, Jimin told the audience that the choreography has a “bit of touching” and said they’d get used to it eventually. When the ARMYs in the audience jokingly whined about the dancers touching him during the performance, Jimin turned around and reassured the worried dancer that his fans are harmless.

Another audience member shared more specific details about the “touchy” choreography. Apparently, during the dance, a dancer touches JJimin’sstomach and face and leans against his shoulder. Jimin also grabs her wrist as a reciprocal move.

At the end of the recording, Jimin again teased fans, asking them about the choreography. The audience gave him some constructive criticism about there being too much touching, but he emphasized again that they will get used to it.

While fans are happy that he is comfortable enough to take on bolder themes and choreographies as an artist, they are also endeared by how he felt it was necessary to ease ARMYs into it. The good thing is, it worked…well, somewhat. Jealousy is a stubborn disease, after all.