BTS’s Jimin Skipped Part Of His Shower Routine And Has No Shame Telling ARMYs

We stan an honest man!

From working out to considering braces, BTS‘s Jimin updated ARMYs on everything about himself in a recent live broadcast.

| Naver

However, Jimin gave even more personal info when he was asked for his “TMI” of the day.

Hilariously, Jimin admitted he missed an important step in his hair care routine: Conditioner!

I just shampooed my hair and didn’t use any treatment.

— Jimin

He has his reasoning, though. Sometimes, sleep has to take priority, and today was one of those days for him.

I got up late so I only washed my hair with shampoo and ran out.

— Jimin

He even shared that his hair is so damaged, he can’t even run his fingers through it while shampooing.

Since he’s on a journey to grow it out and cut off the damage, it seems we’ll have to wait for Jimin to try new hairstyles and colors anytime soon!

When that day comes, he chose which hair colors he wants to try next. Check out his decisions for his new look below!

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