Here’s The Unexpected Reason BTS’s Jimin Is Back On His Fitness Grind

His motives have changed!

All it takes is one look at BTS‘s Jimin to know he’s dedicated to his health and fitness.

After quitting working out temporarily, he recently got back on the fitness grind and is more motivated than ever before! However, during his live broadcast, he revealed his reasoning isn’t only staying in shape.

He shared that it all stems back to his bad posture habits. When he’s relaxing or even sleeping, he tends to slouch.

This causes poor posture, which can be corrected with some time in the gym.

My back is all bent forward so I’ve been exercising to get my back straight again.

— Jimin

For posture correction, he uses specific forms of exercise.

I’ve been picking up some heavy weight and stretching out a lot.

— Jimin

Jimin urged everyone to find an activity that keeps their body healthy.

Protecting your body by growing and lengthening your muscles is crucial for preventing pain, according to Jimin.

Everyone knows that exercising is good for you, but not everyone does it. I was the same way. But after it began to hurt, I realized that exercising is crucial so I hope you’ll exercise with me.

— Jimin

Check out more from Jimin’s live broadcast below.

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