BTS’s Jimin Has Grown Since Writing “Promise”

He revealed how he changed since then.

BTS Jimin‘s song “Promise” is loved for its comforting sound and sweet lyrics. However, Jimin revealed that he’s grown since the 2018 release.

Jimin recently held a live broadcast to catch up with fans and discuss whatever was on his mind, including the beloved song.

He looks back on his times of creating the song fondly and feels that he’s grown a lot since then.

When I listen to ‘Promise’ now, I feel like I was really young.

— Jimin

Specifically, he shared how the lyrics come across as “cute” to him!

I know I’m not that good at writing lyrics but the lyrics are really cute.

— Jimin

Regardless of how simple he may think the lyrics are, ARMYs will always resonate with the sweet and sentimental song.

Of course, he didn’t forget to sing it during the broadcast, too!

Check out what else he did during his livestream below.