BTS’s Jimin Sells Out A Louis Vuitton Outfit And Weverse Merch

Jimin’s impact easily makes anything he wears sell out!

Yesterday, tvN‘s variety show You Quiz on The Block uploaded a teaser to YouTube featuring BTS. Although it was only 37 seconds long, it immediately had a huge impact on ARMY’s hearts. From Jin looking like a heavenly prince, to Jungkook‘s iconic pose, to V‘s fancy suit, now Jimin is trending!

Jimin was featured in the video wearing Louis Vuitton‘s black “Inside Out Crewneck Sweatshirt” along with Louis Vuitton’s “Friends Pendant Necklace.” Fans were obsessed with it!

| tvN

The sweatshirt, which costs $1368 USD, and the necklace, which costs $810 USD, were sold out within 24 hours of the teaser’s release on Louis Vuitton’s South Korean website.

| @PJM_data/Twitter

“Brand King” Jimin has sold out many things before, but he recently also sold out BTS’s merch from the Weverse shop!


On Run BTS‘s March 16 Episode 133, Jimin wore a black “Love” Sweatshirt (costing $67.13) with a green “Zip-up Hoodie 01” (costing $82.70 USD) which sold out soon after the episode aired.

| Weverse Shop
| Weverse Shop

ARMYs are celebrating this by calling it the “Jimin Effect” and the “Jimin Impact.”


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