Jimin Missed BTS, ARMY While Vacationing With Ha Sung Woon In Hawaii

Jimin shares his thoughts and memories in a new vacation vlog.

BTS‘s Jimin is sharing his vacation memories with the people he missed: ARMY!


On October 10, Jimin shared a new vlog, as part of BTS’s vacation log series. It begins with a montage of his travels in Paris and Hawaii set to the song “comethru” by
Jeremy Zucker.


When the montage ends, Jimin sends a sweet video message to ARMY, featuring a cloudy sky and his travel buddy, Ha Sung Woon.

Hi everyone, it’s Jimin. I’m vacationing in Hawaii with my friends.

— Jimin


“Clouds are right beside me,” he says, pointing. “When I go over there, I get rained on, so I’m standing over here to avoid the clouds. It’s pretty.”


“I miss you. I miss the members too. It’s nice here, and I thought it would be it would be nice to come here again, and see this together.”


“There’s not much [to say]…I’m vacationing. I’m having a good time playing, seeing [the sights], and dining…I’m going to do all of that, then go back. That’s all.”


Then, he called out to Ha Sung Woon, calling him by his nickname, “Cloud”.

Hey. Hey, Cloud! Here’s the prettiest cloud.

— Jimin


“Thank you so much, I’ll have fun and come back. Bye!”


His message text at the end says, “It was a vacation where I thought a lot about you and the members. Again, I’m truly thankful to you for coming into my life. ARMY and the members, I love you.”


Watch the vlog here: