BTS’s Jimin Proves No One Misses Jin More Than Him

“I miss Jin hyung.”

Since BTS‘s Jin enlisted in the military, ARMYs have all been missing him, although we’ve had the occasional update from him as well as the army.

An official photo update of BTS’s Jin through “Trainee Sketch” | The Camp

Still, no one misses Jin more than his members, especially Jimin!

From left: V, Jimin, and Jin

On February 10, Jimin held a surprise live broadcast. During it, he talked about Jin.

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Jin (left) and Jimin (right)

Throughout the live broadcast, Jimin played songs from BTS, including solos. The second song he played after his collaboration with BIGBANG‘s Taeyang, “VIBE,” was “The Astronaut” by Jin.

As Jimin played “The Astronaut,” he said he missed his hyung. He added that all the BIGHIT MUSIC staff misses him too.

Jimin reminisced about when they first met and said that he feels Jin has not aged since then.

When I saw the MV, our hyung really looked like a boy. This hyung is handsome, of course, but I think his visuals also don’t change. Don’t you think, everyone? He looks exactly the same as before… when I first saw him.

— Jimin

As if Jimin couldn’t get any cuter, he responded “saranghae” (I love you) after Jin sang “I love you” in “The Astronaut.”

Time and time again, Jimin has proved he misses Jin more than anymore. He changed his profile picture to Jin before changing it to a photo of himself with Jin on the day of enlistment.

Jimin also gave ARMYs an update, saying that Jin has been staying in touch with the members.

Also, the last time Jimin held a live broadcast, he used a photo from Jin Ramen, which Jin is the current model for, as the thumbnail.


Jimin also talked about his friendship with V during the live broadcast. Read more below.

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