BTS Did Not Only Take Group Photos Ahead Of Jin’s Enlistment—Each Member Wanted One With Just Him Too

Jimin’s already shared his!

BTS‘s Jin entered the Korean military on Tuesday, December 13 (KST), officially beginning his 18-month military service. The BTS members accompanied him, sending their hyung off. That day, they also shared their last OT7 photos of 2022 with ARMY.

Our hyung! Go and come back safely! Love you!


Yet, they not only took a group photo. In the newly released Bangtan Bomb, “Jin’s Entrance Ceremony,” we see each member got an individual photo with Jin.

First, Jimin took V‘s photo with Jin. After, he got a selfie with the three of them.

Jimin has already changed his profile picture on Weverse. So, currently, it is him with Jin.

Maknae Jungkook got his picture with Jin as well. They held up their fists, meaning “Hwaiting!”

Jin dragged Suga over for a photo. Does anyone else remember when Jin said, “Suga doesn’t take photos even when I ask him to. I go to Suga when I’m near him; I just need to take a photo and go away?” 

When leader RM got his photo with Jin, he leaned in close. Again, we are reminded of RM saying he had a difficult time when Jin was not by his side. 😭

Last but not least, bestie J-Hope took one of the cutest photos ever with Jin. He hugged him tightly!

We hope each member will drop their photos soon!

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