BTS’s Jin Was The Last To Line Up Among Men Enlisting Because He Took The Longest To Say Goodbye To Loved Ones

Tears in our eyes!

BIGHIT MUSIC has released the video of BTS Jin‘s enlistment in the Korean military, and it’s even more heartbreaking than we could have ever imagined.

ARMY’s edit of BTS’s Jin

Jin safely entered the Korean military on Tuesday, December 13 (KST), officially beginning his 18-month military service. His members sent him off and shared their last OT7 photos of 2022.

Our hyung! Go and come back safely! Love you!


That alone was enough to make ARMYs emotional. Yet, the footage from BTS’s send-off of their hyung literally has us in tears.

In the newly released Bangtan Bomb, “Jin’s Entrance Ceremony,” we got to see each member’s personal goodbyes to Jin. From all the members touching his shaved head…

…to trying not to cry. Same, guys.

Everyone also got their own individual photo with Jin besides the group photo. Jimin already changed his Weverse profile picture to his.

Some members, such as leader RM, also expressed their thoughts about Jin’s enlistment. While he has some concerns for Jin, he knows it’s also just part of every Korean man’s life.

In the end, when Jin finally joined the lineup of men enlisting that day, the camera showed that he was the last one. He had taken the longest to say goodbye to his loved ones (in this case, BTS).

The bond BTS have is truly unbreakable!

Watch the full video below.



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