BTS’s Jimin Praises Fan-Made Song “Sarang” During Live Broadcast

He listens to it all of the time!

Earlier, BTS‘s Jimin surprised ARMY with a live broadcast. He covered a variety of topics and gave some impromptu live performances of some of our favorite songs.


He also listened to a popular fan-composed song, “Sarang,” gifted to him for his birthday last year by Jimin’s Vietnamese fanbase LIVE FOR JIMIN’S VOCAL.

During BTS’s recent Zoom fanmeeting, he was asked if he had listened to the song.  He said that he hadn’t, but he would look it up. Shortly after, he revealed he kept his promise by posting a screenshot of the music video to Weverse.

Jimin’s post | Weverse

Now, a couple of weeks later, he added even more appreciation to his fans during his new live broadcast. Fans watching were wondering how he enjoyed the song, so he shared his thoughts.

How was the song ‘Sarang?’ After you talked about it a lot last time, I listened to the song right away. I have kept listening to it since then.

— Jimin


He used heartfelt and kind words to describe the song, saying that he felt their hearts put in through the song. He said the title was perfectly fitting as it was literally “Sarang” (love).

It was really cute, beautiful, and you sang the song wholeheartedly, may I say. It felt like you put your hearts into the song, so it was really amazing. Thank you. The song was the love itself. Yes, it was love, love.

— Jimin


He said that both fans and the members had told him to listen to “Sarang” it, and once he did, he was given goosebumps. Since then, he’s listened to it non-stop. He regularly listens to it at home, especially when getting ready.

You can watch the clip from his live broadcast below:

Source: BTS


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