BTS’s Jimin Opens Up About The Recent Controversial Issues During Tokyo Concert

He addressed how the issue affects ARMYs and himself.

BTS held their first ever Tokyo Dome concert as a part of their “LOVE YOURSELF World Tour”. With over 50,000 fans in attendance, the members held a time at the end to open up about their time together.


During his ending speech, Jimin touched upon the recent controversies surrounding the group as their past clothes and events became an issue. Jimin revealed that his heart broke from thinking about the fans and people around the globe that could have been hurt by the recent issues.

“I think ARMY and many people around the world could have been startled and concerned due to various circumstances. My heart hurts a lot.”

— Jimin


BTS were originally scheduled to perform on AsahiTV’s Music Station, but were postponed indefinitely when AsahiTV announced that there was an issue with a shirt Jimin wore last year. The Simon Wiesthenthal Center also denounced BTS for wearing a hat and waving a flag that seemed to be related to the Swastika.


Despite the controversies, Japanese fans have remained supportive of the group as BTS ranked #1 on the Oricon Charts this past week. Jimin thanked them by recalling how far they’ve come together since their first Japanese showcase in a small event hall.

“We’re finally at Tokyo Dome. Our first Japanese showcase was at a small event hall in Tokyo. I was surprised that fans came to see us. It’s been a long journey to come to Tokyo Dome.”

— Jimin


He vowed to always remember how happy he felt during their time together at the Tokyo Dome, and hoped that the fans felt the same way as well.

“I believe we’ll have many more opportunities to see each other. I’ll never forget our first Tokyo Dome concert with everyone here today.

I’m glad I can be with ARMY. I hope ARMYs can also feel happiness from looking at us.”

— Jimin


BTS and ARMY prove once again that they can overcome any obstacle and every hardship as long as they’re together!

Source: Tenasia