BTS Talks About Future Plans And How Having Concerts Now Feel Like A Far Dream

The irony that the impossible has become possible and vice-versa.

BTS had their Media Day press conference earlier this morning, letting us know about their thoughts and feelings of having hit first place on the Billboard Hot 100 with their single, “Dynamite”. When asked about the future however, it seems that things still seem a little bleak due to the pandemic, although the boys are trying to keep things light.

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Jimin shared that they are planning on doing everything that they can do, in this situation. He also asks for everyone’s cooperation in taking responsibility to help the health of everyone on earth, and for us to combine our strength to ease the situation. BTS promises to do what they do best – light things up for everyone like “Dynamite” and provide encouragement through music.

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We are thinking of doing everything that comes into our path in the future. These are things we have to do, and things we can do – in the future we will be preparing consistently for the kind of music and stages we can do.

The coronavirus situation is ongoing and it isn’t good, but there are many people that are working hard to help this. Even as we need much time and strength, we think that everyone needs to help and combine their strength and take responsibility. I think having resolve is important. I think what we can and should do includes becoming comfort and helping to change up people’s moods.

Like what Suga mentioned earlier – we want to go to the Grammy’s to show people that there are these sort of singers from other countries. We also want to hurry up and have a concert.

— Jimin

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Talking future goals, RM hopes to be able to perform at the Grammy’s, although he recognizes in-person performances may be off the table for the time being. In a heartbreaking moment, he shares that the work they’ve been accustomed to doing, concerts and performing, have now been reduced to a dream due to the global pandemic.

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Thank you to the many who are anticipating our future. The Grammy’s are an awards show that anyone who does music will dream about. I want to go and perform an exclusive stage. Of course, it would be good if we can get nominated and when we get better, an award too. It’s a good thing to look towards the Grammy’s as a goal for growth.

The irony is that the performances and concerts we’ve always been doing have now become a dream. It makes thinking complex. I want to have a concert outside but it has become a dream as we don’t know when that will be. We want to someday invite many people and have a festival-like huge scale concert. I don’t think there’s anything else that feels impossible and dreamlike at the moment.

What we only can continue doing now is to do our best in this position. Not forgetting what our jobs are, keep working hard like BTS does, “shake it up” like what we’ve been saying, and doing better on stage and off stage.

— RM

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Many K-Pop artists are feeling down at the moment as performing is a huge aspect of their jobs, and likewise, fans globally miss their idols dearly. Although the global  pandemic cannot be helped immediately, we all can play our parts to help the safety of the global population.

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