BTS’s Jimin And Ryan Gosling Wore The Same Fit But Served Totally Different Vibes

We need Jimin cast in the new “Barbie” film now!

Initially, BTS‘s Jimin and Ryan Gosling may not seem to have much in common, but there’s more than you think.

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And we’re not just talking abs here…

Ryan Gosling in “Crazy Stupid Love.” | Warner Bros. Pictures

Ryan Gosling is actually one of Jimin’s favorite actors. He is the star of the romance film The Notebook, which Jimin has watched many times.

Yet, they’re both superstars in their own right. While Jimin is known as a K-Pop idol, Ryan Gosling is an A-List actor.

Ryan Gosling as Ken in “Barbie.” | Warner Bros. Pictures

Both are multitalented, particularly in singing and acting. Ryan Gosling actually got his start on Mickey Mouse Club with some of the most successful pop singers, such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and *NSYNC‘s JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake.

Ryan Gosling maybe didn’t become a pop star like his co-stars. Instead, he pursued an acting career. Regardless, one of his most famous roles is pianistย Sebastian in theย Oscar-winning musical La La Land.

On the other hand, Jimin got his start at a young age. Before becoming a trainee, he attended schools and ultimately became skilled in bothย learned popping and locking dance and contemporary dance.

So, both Ryan Gosling and Jimin had been pursuing their respective careers since childhood. Still, that’s not all they have in common. Even their style matches up similarly, as they recently rocked the same top.

The top in question is not what you might expect. It’s actually H Bar C‘s “Taos – Mens Tencel.” The cowboy shirt costs $149.99 USD.

Premier men’s western wear and cowboy shirts. Trusted since 1897, H Bar C is one of the oldest brands making classic western wear.

โ€” H Bar C

Model in “Taos – Mens Tencel.” | H Bar C

ARMYs would recognize that Jimin wore this cowboy shirt in BTS’s “Permission to Dance” MV. He served in a western all-black fit.

The tasseled shirt definitely fits BTS’s concept for the MV. Yet, it also was a fun piece for choreography!

Now, Ryan Gosling has worn the same cowboy-style top from H Bar C. Instead of a music video, he is dressed up for a new film!

Ryan Gosling was spotted in the cowboy-inspired outfit on the set ofย Greta Gerwig‘s 2023 Barbie film alongside his co-star Margot Robbie. His addition of accessories, a white cowboy hat, and pink bandana, differentiate greatly from Jimin’s all-black look. Gosling definitely embodies the role of Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken!

Still, despite the differences, we can’t help but imagine how well Jimin would actually fit in the Barbie universe!

He certainly has not just the style but naturally the looks for it too.

What do you think?

Source: H Bar C

Same Fit, Different Vibes