Netizens React To BTS Jimin’s Weight Loss For His Solo Promotions

He revealed his efforts behind the scenes.

Recently, BTS‘s Jimin released his solo debut music video for his pre-release track “Set Me Free Pt. 2.” The video showcased his unique charisma as a solo artist by emphasizing his dark and powerful aura.

While Jimin is already slim, he debuted an even more slender physique than usual, shown through his thin and toned upper body and arms.

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He revealed that keeping his weight as low as he likes isn’t easy…

…but his weight management hacks that help him avoid problematic foods make it all a little easier.

At 174 cm (approximately 5′ 8.5″), keeping his weight in the 50 kgs range (110 lbs – 130 lbs) proves just how slim he really is!

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Netizens have nothing but praise for Jimin’s hard work and self-management.

Jimin said that 57-8kg is the best weight for when performing, but it looks like he lost more this time. He looks very slender.

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Netizens even compared him to his “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” era physique where he notoriously dieted down to a very slender weight.

After watching the music video-making video, he looks about the same as when they did “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” when he was 56 kg. I respect his work ethic as I think he’s trying to maintain his weight for the music broadcasts.

— Netizen

Jimin has worked hard to manage himself for his upcoming solo promotions…

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…but he still has his cute side — including his adorable cheeks!

As long as Jimin is feeling healthy, strong, and is content with himself, there is nothing more that fans could ask for.

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Source: Nate Pann