BTS’s Jimin Shares His “Trick” For Managing Cravings While On A Diet

He also shared the weight he is currently maintaining.

BTS’s Jimin recently dropped the pre-release single “Set Me Free Pt 2” from his upcoming album Face, leaving audiences spellbound all over the world. From the sonic uniqueness to the intense choreography, every part of the song and its accompanying music video left jaws agape.

Jimin’s bare upper body, covered in German poetry lettering, has become one of the hottest topics in the music video currently. As if his jacket-clad shirtless look in the video hadn’t caused enough chaos, the singer showed off his toned body even more in the behind-the-scenes compilation from the filming!

BTS’s Jimin Unveils His Toned Body In “Set Me Free Pt. 2” MV Photo Sketch

But what does a body like that cost someone to achieve it? In the recently-dropped “MV Sketch,” Jimin talked about his diet quite candidly. He mentioned that he had to maintain his body weight in the range of 50s, presumably to achieve the desired visual effects in his music videos. However, the idol confessed that it wasn’t an easy feat.

Jimin then shared a trick he uses to keep his food-related urges in control. He said that every night he writes down the names of the food he is craving and mentioned that the previous night his list included kalguksu, daechang, and ramyeon. The singer then said he was craving something spicy like tteokbokki or kalguksu with kimchi.

In the past, Jimin has been very open about his troubled relationship with dieting and even assured fans that he has grown to move away from extreme diets. So, ARMYs are confident that despite having cut off certain types of food for this project, Jimin is more than capable of taking care of his health. In fact, many found it adorable how he was basically journaling about food to deal with his cravings.

The amount of self-discipline and dedication that must go into making this little trick work for him speaks volumes about Jimin’s passion for his art!