BTS’s Jimin Settles The Perilla Leaf Debate For ARMYs

When the relationship is parasocial but reciprocated.

A few months ago, one of the hottest debate topics in Korea was about perilla leaves. People were divided on their opinions about whether it’s appropriate for thier significant other to help someone else (or vice versa) by separating their perilla leaves, which often get stuck together.

Marinated perilla leaf | Saveur

The members of BTS have previously shared their thoughts on the infamous “perilla leaf debate” during their MBTI Lab video series. While most of the members said they wouldn’t care, Jungkook and V were vehemently against it. Jimin‘s answer, however, was almost a bargain.

Say you’re my significant other. You helped my friend with a perilla leaf then peel mine off too. Wouldn’t that make it okay?


Now, the same topic has once again found its way to Jimin, in form of a fan question. As a part of his promotional activiites for Face, the singer held a QnA session on Melon Spotlight and came acorss a question that asked if he would be okay with ARMYs peeling perilla leaf for another idol.

Jimin tried to answer nonchalantly, saying that he “really doesn’t care about these things” but then took a 180, asking why such a situation would even occur in the first place. In fact, he was flabbergasted that ARMYs would even be eating another idol.

Not to negate Jimin’s words, but that answer didn’t quite sound I-don’t-really-care-ish, did it?