BTS’s Jimin Shares New Travel Photos From His Vacation

He’s sharing his memories of Paris with fans.

What would it be like to travel with BTS‘s Jimin? His new vacation photos will give you some idea!


On October 3, Jimin posted three gorgeous sets of photos on Twitter, taken during BTS’s month-long hiatus. The first set is captioned, “These are the pictures I took while I was on vacation.” 


Jimin traveled overseas to enjoy the sights and sounds of Paris. He gazed upon its famous art and architecture…


…and made a new, furry friend!


Parisian ice cream? It’s a must. Bon appétit!


The second set of photos, also snapped in Paris, is captioned, “I think I’ve had a great time again.”


It includes two artsy, black and white photos of Jimin in the street…


…and this postcard-perfect shot of him outshining the Eiffel Tower.


In the last set of photos, entitled “To ARMY”, Jimin sails away as a magical rainbow arcs in the background.


He basks in the sunset…


…and sends love to his adoring fans.


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