BTS’s Jimin Stares Into The Camera Like He’s On “The Office,” And We’ll Be Replaying This Hilarious Moment Forever

His comedic timing is unmatched!

BTS‘s Jimin is a natural comedian, and the latest episode Run BTS! proves it!

BTS’s Jimin | @BTSupdate_7/Twitter

The BTS members headed to a trendy new hotel in Seoul for a staycation in the latest episode of Run BTS!

| BTS/Weverse

Of course, in true Run BTS! fashion, the members competed against each other in a series of games before they headed to their hotel rooms to relax.

In one of the games, the members had to guess what new slang words meant.

All of the members struggled to guess the slang except for Jungkook, and they wondered if people actually used the slang they were being asked to guess the meaning of.

One of the slang terms was “AFG,” which means all fried chicken is good. The members couldn’t figure out the answer, so RM explained the term’s meaning after the members agreed to move onto the next word.

After learning what “AFG” means, Jimin hilariously asked if it’s really “so hard to say the full sentence.” 

Then, he stared into the camera as if he were a character from The Office!

| The Office/YouTube

ARMYs loved this Jimin’s moment and shared their reactions to it on Twitter.