BTS’s Jimin And Suga Bring ARMYs On A Tour Of HYBE INSIGHT 

Follow their journey!

BTS‘s Jimin and Suga recently toured HYBE INSIGHT together and documented their experience for ARMYs to virtually follow along.

Some of the highlights included the hands-on attractions. The most popular station allows visitors to listen to music from HYBE artists.

Suga and Jimin also checked out the exclusive interviews they did…

…and their extremely impressive trophy wall!

They found their way to the special exhibition called “Seven Phases” by James Jean where each BTS member is portrayed in his own unique style.

In the “Euphoria” room, sound meets scent! You can both hear and smell Euphoria through the scent in the room.

Just like music has notes and layers, scents have notes and layers, too.

— Staff

The boys definitely had loads of fun…

…and even found the perfect room for napping!

It’s a nice place to sleep, right in this corner.

— Jimin

Sadly, the famous egg tarts were sold out. Hopefully, Jimin and Suga can get their hands on them one day!

Watch their full tour here.

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