BTS’s Jimin Checks Up On Suga’s Health While Filming 

Here’s the story behind his “injury.”

Jimin loves BTS members, and he’s there for them whenever they need him.


Whether it’s a hug for physical pain…

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…or emotional pain, this angel-on-earth is the first to take care of his friends.


During the filming for their “Permission to Dance” music video, BTS was in high spirits. The members danced their hearts out for ARMY on a beautiful, sunny day. Eagle-eyed fans noticed, however, that when one take ended, Jimin immediately checked up on Suga.


In this behind-the-scenes clip, Suga can be seen bending over and touching his knees. Since Suga previously dealt with chronic shoulder pain, this moment led some fans to worry about his knees.

In Suga’s latest live, however, he assured fans that his knees are fine and that he most likely held them this way out of habit.

Watch the shooting sketch for “Permission to Dance” MV here: