BTS’s Suga Reacts To A Fan Asking Him To Show His Muscles

He knew just what to say.

BTS doesn’t stand for “Buff, Tough & Swole,” but maybe it should?

These days, BTS has been hitting the gym, and the results have not gone unnoticed by fans, or the members themselves. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonJin compared RM‘s gains to the Hulk

| The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

…and fans keep begging HYBE to close the gyms! Jungkook is BTS’s best-known exercise enthusiast, but one by one his members are following in his footsteps.


Is Suga pumping iron these days? One bold fan tried to find out during his latest live broadcast. The fan asked Suga to show ARMY his muscles, and he gave the perfect response.

Please show your muscles.


Suga explained that he doesn’t have any muscles to show ARMY because he hasn’t been doing bodybuilding exercises. He told fans they could look at his facial muscles instead!

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