BTS Jimin’s Occupation Is…Raising Suga?

He explains it all on “Suchwita.”

On the latest episode of Suchwita, BTS‘s Suga introduced his beloved guest and fellow member, Jimin.

BTS’s Suga and Jimin | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Suga introduced Jimin by revealing his self-proclaimed occupation as “a calico cat raising Suga.”

As Jimin enters with a surprised birthday cake for Suga, he’s evidently taking great care of Suga…

…but that’s not the “Suga” he raises!

He isn’t referring to BTS’s Suga. Instead, he brought his own “Suga” with him.

Referring to his beloved marimo, many ARMYs will remember Jimin’s livestream where he built a habitat for the little adorable algae.

It doesn’t take much to take care of the plant. Jimin showed just how simple it is during his livestream when he created a home for his marimo and aptly named it “Suga.”

It’s small and cute, making “Suga” the perfect name!

As a plant that grows, Jimin can continue to watch over it and take care of the little guy.

However, the members are convinced it looks questionable at times!

To explain the “calico cat” part of his occupation, ARMYs already know how Jimin refers to himself as such, so there’s no surprise there! One look at his livestream title tells you everything you need to know.

On Live


I’m your calico cat* [*T/N: “Serendipity” lyrics]

— Jimin/Weverse

By sheer coincidence, the outfits the two wore on the show hilariously resemble the duo of the calico cat (Jimin) and the marimo (Suga)!

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