BTS’s Jimin Shows Up For J-Hope Ahead Of His Enlistment With A Sweet Post

Get the tissues ready.

Since BIGHIT MUSIC released an official statement confirming that J-Hope will be the second member after Jin to enlist in the military, the anxiousness about him leaving has stayed at the back of fans’ minds.

HYBE Makes Official Statement Regarding BTS J-Hope’s Military Enlistment

J-Hope has been trying his hardest to soothe ARMYs, reassuring them on multiple occasions that his enlistment is no big deal and he will be back before they know it. But things got too real when he debuted his cropped hair on Jungkook‘s livestream, mentioning that he had chopped it down to prepare to go to the military.

Soon after, Korean media outlets reported that he will be enlisting on April 18, and Jin coincidentally ended up confirming the date while trying to tease J-Hope on Weverse.

BTS’s Jin Returns To Weverse To Make A “Savage” Comment About J-Hope’s Enlistment

On April 17, KST, the idol finally showed his buzzcut one day prior to his enlistment. He also added a sweet handwritten message, assuring fans that he will be back from his duty safely.

| Weverse

I love you ARMY 🫡💜 I’ll go and come back safely !

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

As ARMYs were dealing with the sad news of him leaving, Jimin swept into the scene and got them even more emotional. As someone who is known to show up every time for his members, Jimin didn’t miss this opportunity to show love for his “Hobi hyung.”

Jimin shared a picture of him and J-Hope with his newly shaved head, smiling with his arms wrapped around his shoulders. He kept the caption simple with just a purple heart.

This wholesome post from Jimin was enough to get fans all up in their feels. On the one hand, it brought up several memories of how Jimin has repeatedly expressed his love for J-Hope over the years, and on the other, it also felt like déjà vu since he did something similar when Jin enlisted in the military back in December.

There’s a reason why they say everyone deserves a Jimin in their lives.


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