BTS Jimin’s True Personality Was Revealed By Staff After His Trip To A Jeju Restaurant

The staff shared their experience!

After a hectic schedule in 2020, the members of BTS have been enjoying their extended vacation time in various ways. Luckily, if ARMYs thought this would be a quiet time, they were definitely wrong. The members recently opened their own Instagram accounts and updated fans with what they’ve been doing!

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

In particular, one member who has recently caught the attention of fans for how he’s been spending his free time is Jimin!

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Although Jimin has not been sharing as many updates with fans on Instagram, he has been updating fans in different ways! Throughout the past few weeks, he has been sharing updates from a recent trip to Jeju island! From visiting the adorable Snoopy garden

| @j.m/Instagram
| @j.m/Instagram

To just relaxing and enjoying the scenery! Jimin has been making use of his time off!

| @j.m/Instagram

Recently, a post has gone viral online after a restaurant on Jeju island shared that Jimin had visited them during his trip! To avoid anyone knowing about Jimin’s trip in December, Moonsso Restaurant waited until recently to share their experiences with Jimin.

They shared an image of Jimin’s autograph on their Instagram explaining why they’d waited to post it and then added, “Thank you for visiting. BTS and Jimin, we’re cheering for you always.

| @moonsso1942/Instagram

Yet, it was their account of Jimin’s personality that really caught the attention of fans. In a message shared on TheQoo, a fan shared the staff’s experience with Jimin. As expected, it showcased what all ARMYs knew, which is how considerate and respectful the idol is.

In the post, the staff shared the fact they often have celebrities visit them but explained that Jimin had been the best.

He came and ate at Table 3 in Moonsso! Many celebrities also visited Moonsso last year, but he was the kindest, most considerate, and well-mannered. All our staff were so moved.

— Moonsso

They then added how meeting him in real life was huge because they were ARMYs, and added that his attitude made all the staff into fans.

I was a fan even before, but now, all our staff sincerely support BTS and Jimin!

— Moonsso

| @Jimin95themoon1/ Twitter

When the post was shared, fans flocked to social media praising the idol for his personality. Others didn’t expect anything less, as BTS members have always been praised for their humbleness and respectful attitude towards whoever they meet.

It was extremely respectful of the restaurant to wait to post it and was similar to when V thanked Hawaiian ARMYs for not sharing his location when he was on holiday!

BTS’s V in Hawaii | Weverse
| Weverse

Hopefully, Jimin had a great time during his time for Jeju! There is no denying that many ARMYs will want to visit Moonsso and sit at the same table as Jimin!

You can read more about Jimin’s trip to Jeju below.

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Source: @Jimin95themoon1

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