BTS’s Jimin Teases At Bringing Back His Satoori Live Streams “Mandakko” With V

V and Jimin might go live together soon!

BTS‘s Jimin recently met with ARMYs via live stream to spend some quality time together and answer some burning questions from fans. One of his answers particularly made ARMY excited for what’s to come!

A few comments brought up his old live stream show called “Mandakko” that starred himself and V. After reading them, Jimin revealed he’ll discuss with V if they should bring the show back!

These live streams took place from 2015 to 2016 and featured V and Jimin teaming up to teach ARMYs about their local dialects, also known as satoori.

As Daegu and Busan natives, the two would speak in Gyeongsang dialect and teach fans local phrases and vocabulary together.

The entertaining and educational broadcasts would often include them performing different scenarios comparing Seoul and Gyeongsang dialects.

With so many years passing without a “Mandakko” live broadcast, ARMYs are ready for the day their show returns!

Check out more from Jimin’s recent live broadcast below!

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