BTS’s Jimin Tells ARMY Why He’s Been Absent From Social Media And It’s Not What You Would Expect

He has his own reason!

Nobody loves ARMY as much as BTS! Jimin proved that when he came online in the middle of the night just to talk to his beloved fans on Weverse.

Revealing how much he missed everyone, he left ARMY with words of affection and even a promise to return in a different form!

  • ARMY: “If you were to estimate how much you love ARMY..?”
  • JM: “It goes without saying hehe”


As expected, he’s planning to do a livestream soon since it’s been a while since his last one.

I’ll do a live sometime soon hehe I’ve just been working on some music these days. It’s been making me think ‘Wow, our members are just really, really amazing people.’

— Jimin

The last time Jimin made an appearance was after J-Hope‘s Lollapalooza set when the two were in Chicago. Jimin had nothing but praise for his hyung‘s iconic performance.

However, fans had some specific requests this time, and he diligently listened to their advice.

  • ARMY: “Jimin-sshi, if you want to talk with us please use V LIVE because Weverse has not been translating for us I-ARMY. Thank you.”
  • JM: “I understand, I’ll be back [to do a live] soon”


Since then, we’ve only seen a glimpse of Jimin towards the beginning of the month on his Instagram. He revealed his reason for his mini social media hiatus and it’s not what you might expect!

| @j.m/Instagram

This goes for Instagram too but I gained a little weight so I haven’t shown my face much… but I’m start dieting again so just wait a little bit!!

— Jimin

Jimin might be shy about his chubby cheeks, but his weight doesn’t matter to ARMY. When he’s ready to reveal his post-diet visuals, fans will be patiently waiting for him!

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