Why BTS’s Jimin Won’t Discuss The Dumpling Incident

Maybe we’ll get the full story one day…

BTS‘s ’95-liners Jimin and V have one of the best friendships, even referring to each other as “soulmates.”

V (left) and Jimin (right)

Yet, they also have one of the most famous fights in the group’s history, known as the “dumpling incident.” It’s been mentioned many times throughout the years. Based on the members’ brief mentions, it was apparently very impactful at the time.

From left: Jungkook, Jin, RM, J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Suga | BIGHIT MUSIC

The dumpling incident even inspired two songs, “Friends” and “4 O’Clock.” Jimin and V sort of “recreated” it during their performance of “Friends” for 2020 BANGBANGCON.

Our memories are each a movie on its own/The dumpling incident would be a comedy movie yeah yeah

— BTS’s Jimin and V, “Friends”

Yet, ARMYs have never heard the full story.

Previously, V responded to an ARMY’s post on Weverse asking, “Taehyung or Jimin, please explain the dumpling incident to us!” He gave a very brief synopsis.

It was Team Eat-After-Dancing vs Team Eat-While-Dancingㅋㅋ

— V

| BTS/Weverse

Later, V summarized the dumpling incident during a solo live broadcast. He explained that they had fought and didn’t even speak to each other for two days.

Jimin once gave his side of the story during a live broadcast. Yet, he did say that he couldn’t reveal the whole story, but it’s a very important problem to him.

Now, Jimin held another solo live broadcast. Again, an ARMY asked about the dumpling incident.

Jimin said he actually would not talk about the dumpling incident. He explained that since it involves V and there are two sides to the story, he would have to include him.

No, I can’t tell you because hyung and I are 50/50 shareholders, so I need his permission. *laughs *

— Jimin

So, maybe one day, the two will do a live broadcast together, and we can finally hear the full story! V did join Jimin’s recent live broadcast as a viewer. Read more below.

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