BTS’s Jimin Is Into Working Out Again — Here’s Why The Members Totally Clowned Him For It

They exposed him!

The BTS members tested their knowledge about each other in a new video with Vanity Fair. The members were quizzed on various topics, including Jimin‘s latest favorite subject to discuss with the members.

However, this question garnered a quick response. Based on Jimin’s recent interests, RM easily guessed that working out is the answer!

J-Hope revealed that Jimin has been especially into working lately…

…and according to Jin, this was a new thing for him!

Just a month before, you were like, ‘Working out doesn’t match me, I don’t want to do it anymore.’

— Jin

The members couldn’t help but use it as a moment to poke fun at the way Jimin presents himself when he’s on his fitness grind.

From flexing his biceps to admiring his own abs, it seems Jimin is loving the benefits of staying in shape!

Even Jimin himself couldn’t resist…

…and had to join in on the fun!

On the subject of fitness, Suga recalled how the members are being more mindful of their posture nowadays.

The boys ended with a genuine talk about how fitness can do wonders for the mind and body.

So for anyone who may be feeling down, I recommend you work out!

— Jimin

As long as they’re healthy and happy, ARMYs are content! Check out more from the interview below.

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